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Box 9625
Mississippi State, MS 39762
662-325-2262 office
662-325-1710 fax

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Graphic artists provide traditional and digital services related to the visual arts. The group provides graphic design, illustrations (including medical illustrations), layout, digital prepress, and multimedia design services for almost 50 types of projects. These include printed materials, displays, identification graphics, banners, presentation visuals, posters, and online interactive modules.

Members of the team also provide consultation and training on such topics as effective presentation graphics and event planning. Contact Art Shirley for assistance with projects involving graphic design or illustrations.

Art Shirley Art Shirley
Web Communications & Graphics Manager
(662) 325-0547

Phillip E. Smith
Extension Associate III
(662) 325-1281
Specialty Area: Graphic Design, Illustrator

Gina W. Daly
Extension Associate II
(662) 325-7670
Specialty Area: Graphic Design

Kim Trimm
Extension Associate II
(662) 325-3337
Specialty Area: Graphic Design

Annette Woods
Senior Extension Associate
(662) 325-3336
Specialty Area: Graphic Design