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Box 9625
Mississippi State, MS 39762
662-325-2262 office
662-325-1710 fax

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Electronic Media

The video and multimedia group produces a weekly half-hour television program, a weekly horticultural television segment, and two five-day-a-week radio programs. They also produce instructional and promotional videos and multimedia products, conduct training on using electronic media, and distribute video news releases.

For insight into radio and television news operations, visit Extension's website.

Contact Leighton Spann or team members about newsworthy information or if you need a DVD, videotape, or multimedia project to support educational or marketing efforts.

Leighton Spann, Leader
(662) 325-1721

Tim AllisonTim Allison
Video Producer
(662) 325-2309

Zac AshmoreZac Ashmore
Video Producer
(662) 325-7603

Jonathon ParrishJonathan Parrish
Video Producer
(601) 857-2284 ext. 122

Mike Russell
Broadcast Television Producer
(662) 325-2262

Amy Taylor
Radio Producer – Farm and Family, Southern Gardening
Broadcast News Producer/Videographer – Farmweek
(662) 325-1725

Brian Utley
Video Producer
TV Southern Gardening Videographer
Broadcast News Producer/Videographer – Farmweek
(662) 325-1722